I remember when I was growing up, falling down was a common thing. I’d fall and rise, fall again and even laugh at my fall and rise even as I laugh at how I fell. It has pretty much changed as I have grown older, I don’t fall as often, I am more stable and more prone to watching my step so as not to fall. The possibility of literally falling is not as high as back in childhood because I have learnt how to watch my step.

Falling never was and never will be fun. The design was such that it is never pleasurable. Time and again in our adult life we fall, we miss a step in our career, relationships, desicion making and self care and we fall. Physically, no sign of injury but emotionally the injury is devastating. Since, no one even saw us fall we ourselves even turn a blind eye and act like nothing happened. Many times not knowing how to even progress from the fall. Since we still remain at the fall, the symptoms of our unattended injury remain. Insecurity, bitterness, anger at ourselves and others, lack of confidence and the list grows bigger as we wallow at the site of the fall.

Progressing from a fall starts by rising. Start again, date again, agree to be, believe again, love again, go out, develop an interest where you failed. Falling was never meant to keep us down, it was meant to strengthen our resolve to stay up. I am glad for the times I have fallen, for my rising was my resolve and in the place where I fell I’m more cautious.