The gift disguised

This guy showed up to church arrogant and full of judgement. The truth is we are rough on the edge with our worship band and have always welcomed an increase in number. We have suffered set back in consistency of the team as some are in college away from home as such they miss out a huge chunk of the year. When this guy came we almost rejected him because he was very arrogant or so we thought.

As time progressed we became more tolerant of him and though we didn’t quite engage him often we also didn’t ignore him, one time while in prayer about the team, I heard God say to me in a comforting voice, “he is your gift in disguise.” I was clear and have been ever since to regard him as a gift and also tell the team how much of a gift he is to is all.

Time has gone by and seasons have changed, I think we forget but God never does. Towards the end of last year issues arose and I was really struggling to lead the team. On several occasions I felt like Moses who did not know how to deligate and I kept on seeing the team as a group of nomadic pastrolists who were growing weary of the lack that felt like was so ever existent in leadership. When rejection is subtle it is more penetrating than when it is direct, I felt it was time to leave before things even got worse. Everytime the thought of leaving came to mind I was blank as to whose hands would I entrust to the good work entrusted to me and I sort to find a man or even equip one.

It was a long search and eventually God’s gift became apparent in role and manner of blessing. The cover was blown and disguise removed. I guess its the lo! and Behold of God.

Several things I have learnt in my previous role as a leader

  • The team, each of them, belong to God – treat them like God’s property.
  • Conflict is not necessarily a bad thing, it is a chance to grow and advance relationships.
  • Everything is learnt and can be unlearnt.
  • Everyone is a gift, seek to bring out the gold in them.

So I believe in gifts, disguised or not, that when God gives He means to make room and to give a future and a hope.

A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before the great.

Proverbs 18:16 (ESV)

People can be such gifts, that make room for us and bring us before the great. I’m taking stock, looking through my gifts, looking to find which I haven’t removed the disguise and the finds are extra. Go ahead and take some stock as well!


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