What I want in a man

Every woman has the thought of her prince charming all figured out in her head. For some of us it is tall, dark, and handsome for others, it is stout, well -built and funny. The point is we girls dream, imagine and fantasize about the man who will sweep us of our feet. We fantasize about their handsome smile, the chubby cheeks, the candid conversation and even the matching African print we’ll wear on special occasions. As fact, we go for internet shopping for his wardrobe even before our first encounter. Yes! the shoes, the shirts and the pants we have bought in our minds for these gentlemen!

Growing up, I have had many interactions with different types of men and that has been good fishing ground for the traits I would like my man to have. The roles men have played in my life vary from play mates, competitors, friends, backup, organizers, priest, security, strategists, displinarians, leaders, cheering squad, bullies, inspiration, and much more.

So, what do I want in my Mr. Perfect? First, beyond the looks, the smile, the charisma. I want a God lover, someone who can pray me and my children off a darkness or heaviness. A man who prioritizes God and pursues God with unmatched diligence. Why would this be requisite for him? If he loves God, surely God will teach him how to love me. If Mr. Perfect loves God, he will be prosperous because God rewards those who diligently seek him. Safety will be guaranteed, I will not be in constant thought in regard to his loyalty snd safety because those who put their trust in the God are like mount Zion surrounded and immovable. He has to love and serve the Lord otherwise he will not be able to love me right.

Second, I want Mr. Perfect to be a gentle giant. Firm, objective and very gentle. Being the head of an institution of high regard such as a marriage, I believe many opportunities will arise to direct and lead his flock to green pastures or paths of righteousness so I would be glad to be part of his flock if he, in exercise of his authority, would be gentle because a gentle answer always turns away wrath and gentle words bring life and health. Even then, in the exercise of gentleness, he would still need to be firm and very resolute in giving objective direction.

What I also want in Mr. Perfect would be a desire for personal growth and development and the actioning of such a plan. It is true that we are all a mess that has been well put in the closet, if we are not intentional about bettering ourselves and proactive at it, then a problem arises. I am particular and very intentional about my personal development and as such it would be great to work on personal development with him. Personal development requires a constant skill inventory and self-awareness to thresh out probable growth points in all aspects of life.

A man who is responsible and is cognisant of their obligations oozes an appeal that is unmatched. A helping hand in both simple and complex tasks brings a sense of reliability and security. Knowing that Mr. Perfect has a clear knowledge of what he should do and also that he is ready and willing to perform his responsibilities and help out where he can, makes him an amazing find. A sense of initiative being proactive and not just responsive would be great a great addition.

The man I want would definitely be the one that clearly wants to be with me, who decides that despite what he wakes up feeling, he will choose me and remain with me because that is exactly what I will do for him. It would be a person who wants to explore life with me and does not regard me as an option or a burden but as a solution. Simply, I want a man who meets me with the same energy that I meet him with. One who loves me so that I am comfortable in submitting to him.

A girl is allowed to dream and while at it I also wait, pray and hope that as he is unveiled it will be the kind of union that makes a generation of godly babies. In all simplicity that is all I want in a man

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